We work very hard to tailor your app to fit your needs without tacking on all those “extras” that you’ll never use. Our method is to place your app into a category of complexity, based on the expected final product. Then different factors can change the price to be more expensive or less expensive.

Simple App – Has a simple database, you provide clear direction for functionality, you provide all artwork and content.
Under $5,000

Complex App – Requires a complex database to be created, complex logic within the app, utilizing on-board services.

Game App – Games costs can sometimes be unpredictable. The complexity of their databases and logic vary greatly. Think of Angry Birds as complex, and Flappy Bird as simple.

Here are some examples of what can change the total cost:
Adding GPS capabilities  +
Social Media integration  +
In-app purchasing  +
In-app advertising  +
You provide content/artwork -
You provide the music/sounds  -
You provide storyboards/process flows  -

*All prices state in United States Dollars (USD)